Save Time, Save A Trip

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This April, our company welcomes 92 years of servicing customers in our community. Yoshino Drug Store started it all by providing a convenient drugstore/pharmacy location in a thriving Honolulu neighborhood. Today, we’ve grown throughout several neighborhoods across Oahu and Hilo, and we've continued to demonstrate reliable, dependable, quality care for our patients and customers.

Together, we have expanded our commitment to neighborhoods with our care done right mission. We have built new programs helping keep children and adults get vaccinated, offering vital breast pumps to new moms, and protecting the health of communities with outreach and education. We have found ways to reaching the most ailing patients at hospital beds or at home, and brought medication therapies to enhancing their lives, allowing them to enjoy what matters most.

We are excited to reveal a new marketing message called Save Time, Save A Trip. It is a short, simple, straightforward statement for our patients and customers. We understand that in many cases our patients just want to get better quicker to move along with their normal life. Our exceptional health care team and patient-focused services are there to help them on their journey to recovery. Below are some examples of our time saving services.

Retail/Community Pharmacy

A woman with a cold has just seen her doctor in one of the medical facilities we’re located. Her doctor asks, “Where would you like to pick up your meds?” She responds, “Pharmacare downstairs, because it's more convenient than having to stop at another pharmacy.”

Specialty & Infusion Pharmacy

A working father, who rather spend quality time with his son than stopping by a Specialty pharmacy, chooses Pharmacare’s refill app for his medication and delivery. “I use Pharmacare, because the customer service can be felt with a smile over the phone. Excellent experience from my refill reminder to the gentleman delivering my medications.”

BedMed Service

Hospital stays can be stressful. A man who hadn’t taken care of his diabetes has been hospitalized. He will need rest and medication. He has elected for Pharmacare’s BedMed program, so he can receive his medication bedside prior to leaving. Now, the hospital staff, physicians and his family are more confident about his road to recovery after discharge.


Pharmacare makes deliveries to nursing and long-term care facilities, physician offices, and patient homes. With comments such as “Your delivery employees are exceptional,” “He is a A+ person on your staff,” “They are polite and hardworking.” Pharmacare’s delivery service is not only convenient, but they are the personality of our company.