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Easy Online Breast Pump Order CLICK HERE

Pharmacare provides award-winning and mom-favorite breast milk feeding products to fit the needs of every mom. We are committed to improving mom's breast milk pumping experience and her ability to successfully provide breast milk to her baby with our Spectra and Medela products. Learn more about Spectra and Medela breast pumps or visit one of our retail pharmacies to receive your breast pump today.

For more information about our breast pump delivery, please call our breast pump delivery team at 840-4199.

Breast pumps are free with most insurances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Most insurance plans will cover you for a free breast pump per pregnancy. Please contact your health insurance plan to see if you qualify for a free breast pump.

You can choose between the Spectra S2 and Medela MaxFlow Set.

You can visit the following manufacturer websites for more information:

Medela: www.medelabreastfeedingus.com
Spectra: www.spectrababyusa.com

We are able to offer a cash price for the Spectra S2 breast pump only. For more information, please call 840-4199.

Accessories are generally not covered by insurance unless they are included with the breast pump as part of the product we offer. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage details and where to obtain insurance covered accessories.

We do not offer a breast pump rental program.

Due to the fact that a breast pump is a personal hygene product, all sales of breast pumps and their accessories are considered final and no returns will be accepted.

Most suppliers have a one to two year manufacturer warranty. Please visit Medela or Spectra's website for more information.

Medela: https://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/customer-support

Spectra: www.spectrababyusa.com/warranty

Speak with your doctor about placing a breast pump order with Pharmacare.

We require your contact information (name, address, etc.), physician information, and insurance information.

Your insurance provider determines when we are able to ship a breast pump. Most plans do not have any restrictions.

We provide a delivery service at no cost. You may also pick it up at one of our retail pharmacies. Please call 840-4199 for more information.

We have a 7 day turnaround from when we receive the order. Some insurance plans require that we wait to process the order 30 days prior to the baby's birth date and some plans require that the baby has been born before we can deliver the breast pump.

We have 7 locations available for picking up your breast pump:

Aiea Medical Pharmacy
Pharmacare No. 1 - St. Francis Liliha Campus
Pharmacare No. 3 - Straub Medical Center
Pharmacare No. 5 - Pali Momi Medical Center
Pharmacare No. 6 - Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children
Pharmacare No. 8 - Tamura Super Market

Our manufacturer partners each offer support for breastfeeding. Most insurance plans also cover for breastfeeding support costs as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Please contact your insurance to determine what coverage you have.

Medela: www.medelabreastfeedingus.com
Spectra: www.spectrababyusa.com

Kapiolani Mother's Milk: https://www.facebook.com/HImothersmilk

Please visit Spectra or Medela's website for more information on how to recycle their breast pumps.

Medela: https://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/medela-recycles/start

Spctra: https://spectra-baby.com.au/spectras-breast-pump-recycling-guide/