Delivered From The Heart

Interview with Randy Tomacder


Positive Attitude a Must

Fortunately, our warehouse operations are in good hands under the leadership of Randy Tomacder, who joined the company as a driver about five years ago, and was promoted to supervisor of the department about a year ago.

“Having a positive attitude, a positive mindset is important. My motivation is the patients who we deliver to. It’s about making the deliveries and making them smile,” Randy said.

Randy says he likes to support patients as much as he can, in whatever way he can. “I’ve seen patients come and go and that’s the hardest part of this job,” he said. “When you deliver to a patient on a regular basis, you get used to seeing them. Sometimes, the patient could be a little kid. Then, one day, you find out that you don't have to deliver to that kid anymore because they are no longer around. It's hard for their family, and it's tough for us too. That’s why I do whatever I can to help."

Randy recently lost his grandma, uncle and a dear friend's mom all within the same month, so he knows what it feels like to lose a family member. Despite this difficult season, Randy continues to keep our patients as a priority, “The patients I deliver to remind me of my family. I like to call them uncle and aunty. With everything they are going through, they appreciate even just the conversations they have with us.”

He imparts these same values to his team: “I tell them it’s not just about coming to work and getting paid. We need to think about the patients who we are delivering to, and make a positive difference. And we try to make it fun too.”

Photo: The camaraderie between Pharmacare's Warehouse Team makes their work fun! From left to right, Randy Tomacder, Essaye Villaver, Joshua Sernadilla, John Chong, Jared Paredo, and Justyce Kim Hew-Len.

Making Every Delivery Count for Every Patient

Many patients count on Pharmacare Hawaii to deliver their prescriptions or enteral supplies to their homes on time, all the time. Physicians also expect their orders to arrive on time. And long-term care facilities need a reliable source of prescription medications to ensure their residents receive the treatment they need. All that puts a lot of pressure on Pharmacare Hawaii’s warehouse.

Photo: Randy Tomacder upholds a "can-do" attitude as he manages the fast-paced warehouse environment.


Non-Stop Activity

The warehouse team at our Koapaka Street headquarters consists of a dozen employees whose work is the lifeblood of the company. There are different sub-departments within the warehouse. Altogether, they are responsible for receiving prescriptions and medical supplies, picking and packing them to meet the needs of patients, shipping, and routing and dispatching drivers to make the deliveries for Oahu and Hawaii Island.

There is non-stop activity that keeps all of the employees constantly busy six days a week. They also remain on call on Sundays. Although the team is relatively small, they are efficient, easily doing the same quality and quantity of work of much larger teams, but Randy and his team like the challenge.

“My drivers hustle. They want to be out and make a delivery,” Randy said.

Photos: Driver Melvin Yoshimura loads his deliveries for the day with an efficient and warm attitude.

Making Sure Everything Gets Delivered

Randy is intensely aware that the warehouse operations are critical to maintaining relationships with customers, whether that’s a physician, long-term care facility, or patient. “Our goal is making sure everything gets delivered, picked and packed right, and that staff and patients are happy,” Randy said.

Team Spirit Prevails

There is a strong team spirit at the warehouse. During a recent hurricane, some prescription orders to the warehouse were delayed. Undaunted, the warehouse team came up with an efficient plan. As the prescriptions were filled, one driver would shuttle them to the other drivers like a well-orchestrated relay race. Needless to say, no one dropped the baton and our patients and other customers got what they needed. And like a true team, everyone stayed till all the prescriptions were delivered and all drivers had safely returned.

Photo (left): Justyce Kim Hew-Len gets his daily workout while preparing orders for delivery.

Photo (right): Joshua Sernadilla seals our neighbor island orders with a smile!

After-Hour Hobbies

Despite the demanding work schedule, Randy has lots of positive energy and makes time for a number of activities and hobbies. He enjoys playing basketball, flag football and volleyball with his Farrington High School buddies, playing the drums and ukulele, cooking, working out at the gym when he can, and talking story with the other men at his church. His newest avocation is photography, and often accompanies his friend to take photos at weddings.