Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this service cost?

Good news, this service is FREE!

Do you need my prescription drug plan information?

Yes we do. Most of the time, we get that information from the hospital. If not, we will call you about your drug plan to make sure that the medications ordered for you are covered under your plan.

What if the medications my doctor ordered is not covered by my drug plan?

Pharmacare will work with your nurse and doctor to find something that works with your drug plan.

Will my copay be more than if I got my medications from my pharmacy?

Your copay will NOT be any more than if you got your discharge medications at your pharmacy. If there are resources to help with your copay, Pharmacare will help you get that assistance.

What if I can’t afford my copay?

Pharmacare will work with your nurse and your doctor to find a way to get you the medications you need.

How is payment collected?

We will collect your payment when we bring your discharge meds to you in your room. You may pay in cash or with a credit card.

How do I know how much my copay will be?

Before we bring your discharge medications, we will call you on the hospital phone to let you know how much your copay will be.

Will it delay my discharge?

This service was created to speed up the discharge process. By signing up, Pharmacare will have more time to get your discharge medications ready before you head home. This saves you a stop on the way home to pick up your meds at another pharmacy.

Can I get my refills sent to my home?

Yes you can! Just let the BedMed delivery staff know that you would like your refills sent to your home and they will set that up for you.