Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease where your immune system mistakenly attacks your nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for controlling almost everything in your body, so a person with MS may have a wide range of symptoms, such as pain, weakness, numbness, vision problems, problems with coordination, and problems with thoughts and emotions. Some people have symptoms that are constant, while others have symptoms that come and go (flare-ups).

The cause of MS isn't fully known. Genetics, along with other "triggers" like infections and smoking are possible causes. Less than 1% if people develop MS, with most people being between 20 and 50, and it's seen more frequently in women than in men. A physical exam, blood test, and special image may be used to diagnose MS.


There is no cure for MS, but treatment can help slow the disease down and prevent flare-ups. Below are some of the specialty medications carried by Pharmacare that are used to treat MS. Other medications are available as well.

  • Amprya
  • Avonex
  • Betaseron
  • Copaxone
  • Gilenya
  • Rebif
  • Tysabri

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society


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